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Our Services

Commercial and industrial solutions at a strategic, operational and tactical level, applying the latest generation of technologies to solve the challenges of our customers.

Strategic Consulting

Business analysis, identification of opportunities, assistance and development of projects, and digital infrastructure development.


Custom development of tools for the automation of complex tasks and processes.

Advanced Analytics

Analysis, exploration, filtering, visualization and presentation of information for efficient and effective decision making.

Software development

Development of programs, web apps, dashboards and their integration for efficient monitoring and control.

Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things

Implementation of sensors, storage, procedures and mathematical models for asset management or industrial processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Broad experience in the reliable implementation of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technology in the field of industry and commerce.

We believe in providing a customized service of the highest quality
to maximize the results for our clients Ignacio Raposo - COO Lugus Intelligence

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